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We are Here: Mapping and Community

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Hi Everyone,

We've been starting to plan a bit of a barcamp session focused on mapping, because it is such an important part of a lot of our projects. Me, Sara Wylie, Josh Levinger and David Zwarg (with a special guest appearance by Jeff Warren) will lead a discussion on mapping in order to orient our efforts, survey best practices and locate mapping historically and socially.

The current trajectory is to begin with a more cultural and social perspectives on mapping, segue into design in a broad sense, and end up at current technical implementations and issues. Josh, David and Jeff might provide some case studies to help ground this or we might focus on emergent case studies/discussion from the group.

Let us know if you have any suggestions/comment/complaints. Thanks! -- Matthew Hockenberry Visiting Scientist - Tangible Media Group / Center for Future Civic Media @ MIT Media Lab

p: 412-726-9753 e: w:

Susan Mernit sez: I am totally interested in this and would love some tools and tactics advice as part of the session. Thx.