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The MediaPedia is provided as an interactive reference to the MIT Media Lab's groups and projects in order to provide more community and interaction between the sponsors and researchers of the lab.

The page provides a source of information for lab sponsors about current research projects as well as a feedback mechanism for researchers to hear the compliments and critiques from sponsor visits.

What's Hot

The C4FCM/MBTA Hackathon is January 29th and 30th!

The Knight Foundation's Future of News and Civic Media Conference recently happened at MIT in the Stata Center and in the Media Lab. The following pages may be of interest to conference attendees:

Media Lab History and Project

History of the Media Lab

A place to add your memories of the Media Lab and its predecessor organizations, such as the Architecture Machine Group and the Visible Language Workshop.

Badge Project

At the October 2004 TTT meeting, lab sponsors had a chance to register interest in specific projects during the research open house. At the May 2005, a second-generation badge was used. Projects from both meetings are listed (and linked) below:

Affective Computing

Bayesian Conditional Random Fields for Joint Classifications of Relational Data
Sharing Emotions Through Active Expressions
Mouse-Behavior Analysis and Adaptive Relational Agents
Sensor-Fusion Using Semi-Supervised Learning
Affective Learning Companion
Affective-Cognitive Learning and Decision-Making
Emotional Needs and Learning
Mixture of GPs for multimodal affect recognition
Moral Sensors and Guilt Detection

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Semantics
Moving Portraits
Attentive Devices
Object Awareness
Plunge n' Play
Invisible Media


Leg Exoskeleton
Hip Exoskeleton
Active Ankle-Foot Prosthesis

Cognitive Machines

Situated Speech Understanding in Computer Games
Seeing Meaning
Mental Imagery for Conversational Robots
Asfaloth: A Simulated Voice Controlled Vehicle
Situated Statistical Language Learning

Computing Culture

Wave Bubble
Conversation Table, Stealing Table
faunacise and 3×3
Machine Therapy

Context-Aware Computing

Intelligent Kitchen
Voting Technology
Virtual Campus
3-D Input Device
Pedal Car

Electronic Publishing

Second Messenger
Who's Got Game
Polynym Ontology

Future of Learning

GoGo Board: Augmenting Computational Materials
The City We Want
Moving Mathematics
Learning to teach, teaching to learn
Create Project

Human Dynamics

LiveNet: Wearable Health Informatics
Reality Mining: Building Social Capital Using Mobile Telephones
GroupMedia: Socially-Aware Computing
Marketplace of Ideas: Sustainable Development Through Building Social Networks
Tools for Influence: Measurement, Analysis, and Influence of Social Interaction
Learning Humans
Negotiation Dynamics

Lifelong Kindergarten

Flow Blocks
PIE Network
Computer Clubhouse
Child-Friendly Cities
Playful Invention

Media Fabrics

Objects with Attitude
Our Story Tree

Music, Mind and Machine

Structural Analysis of Musical Signals
Automatic Record Reviews
Music Structure Modeling
Adaptive Microphone with Proximity Detection
Audio-Pro with Multiple DSP's and Dynamic Load Distribution
Automated Analysis of Musical Structure
Computer Improvisation
Embedded Audio Systems
Learning the Meaning of Music
Sound Blocks

Nanoscale Sensing

Microdevices for Biomolecular Detection

Object-Based Media

Smart Architectural Surfaces
Personal Projection
PC Holographic Video

Opera of the Future

Forearm Controller and Tactile Display
New Works for Dance Theater
Rehab Sound Sculptor
Music in the Garden
New Dance Pieces

Physical Language Workshop

Treehouse Studio

Physics and Media

Paintable Computing
Internet 0
Microfluidic Logic
Microslot Spin Resonance
Fab Labs
How to Make Almost Anything, Almost Anywhere

Responsive Environments

The FindIT Flashlight
Electronic Skins and Dense Sensor Networks
Wireless Sensor Clusters and Sensor-Optimal Power Management
Power Harvesting
Parasitic Mobiliy
Localization and Sensing in Dense Sensor Networks
The UbER-Badge - A Wearable sensor and display platform for Distributed Systems with Multiple Channels of Communication
Ultra-Low Power Send/Receive Optical RFID Tag
Wireless sensor clusters and sensor-optimal dynamic power management

Smart Cities

Concept Car with GM and Frank O. Gehry
Hubless Wheel with Embedded Suspension and Electric Motor Athlete Car
City Car
Rethinking the Paris Bus line
Wheel Robots

Sociable Media

Contact Mountain
2004 Badge Visualization
Open Sources
Webbed Footnotes

Society of Mind

Open Mind
Concept Miner
Korean ConceptNet

Software Agents

Predictive Text Entry Using Commonsense Reasoning
GloBuddy2: A Dynamic Phrasebook for Tourists
Common Sense Investing: Bridging the Gap Between Expert and Novice
Generating 3D Environments Using Commonsense Reasoning
Anticipating User Tasks Using Commonsense Reasoning
Semantic Web
Electronic Interfaces Using Commonsense Reasoning

Speech Interfaces

WatchMe: Sharing Context With Location-Aware Phones
Bunny Phone: Embodied Conversational Communication Agent
EMotoPhone: Playful Emoticons on Mobile Phones
Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries
Socially Intelligent Mobile Phone/Address Book

Tangible Media

I/O Brush
Actuated Workbench
Tangible Business Process Analyzer
I/O Brush
Tangible BPA

Viral Communication

DiVa, Distributed Video
Collaborative Radio
DiDo Sensor Networks
CID: Collaborative Intrusion Detection
Chorus: Cooperative Loudspeakers
A Day in the Life of the RF Spectrum
Cooperative Multicast in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Radio Magic
Spectrum Sharing with TV Channels
Vid Torrent


Push Singh


the temporary home for information about a Pioneer Valley community project

Tent State University

A social movement founded by student at Rutgers University that addresses issues preventing open access to public higher education in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century.