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How soon are we likely to have a better idea of which languages/environments will be supported?

I'm curious if Mono or Java will be included. On the one hand they can be heavy on the memory footprint, but on the other hand they can help minimize the "stupid memory usage" errors. At least they focus memory management efforts on the runtime (garbage collector) instead of each application. Ideally that means a greater number of people around the world can develop applications without having to be good at memory management.

The goal is for local development of applications to grow over time. To me that means a wide variety of developers with at least initially rudimentary skills. Mono, Java or other languages/environments that handle memory management should help minimize the problem of painful memory leaks, etc.

Vorburger : I think the idea is to "favour" Squeak, a Smalltalk implementation (VM with GC too) instead of Java. It's pretty interesting, actually; have a look. I have been thinking if this could be used to provide apps like Email, Browser Front-End (using a natively compiled Gecko just for the rendering underneath?). But, one probably doesn't exlude the other...OSS Java VM exist; I am curious to try how well both roads will work out in practice.