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Sharing Emotions Through Active Expressions

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liletoalacc Shaundra Daily

Sharing Emotions Through Active Expression

The purpose of this project, Measuring The Effects of Digital Story Explication on Emotional Needs and Learning, is to help address emotional needs and develop emotional intelligence. The system, G.I.R.L.S. Talk (Girls Involved in Real Life Sharing), will allow users to reflect actively upon the emotions related to their situations through the construction of pictorial narratives. Users will be able to gain new knowledge and understanding about themselves and others through the exploration of authentic and personal experiences. The system will employ new, common-sense reasoning technology, enabling it to infer affective content from the users' stories and support emotional reflection. A similar story will be extracted from the database and displayed to the users, allowing them to hear real stories, share their feelings and experiences, and reflect upon these in relation to their personal situations. We expect that such reflection will facilitate development of new perspectives on dealing with life's events.

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