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Seymour Papert, David Cavallo, Anindita Basu, Shaundra Bryant, Arnan Sipitakiat, Sisi Chen, Erik Asmussen, Larissa Welti-Santos, Cynthia Solomon, John Maloney, Glorianna Davenport, Joe Paradiso, Tod Machover, Edith Ackermann, Alice Mello Cavallo, Jacques d'Amboise, Dufftin Garcia


RoBallet is a research project that brings together the Arts, Learning, and Technology. Children extend the joy and creativity of expression through dance. They use technology to augment their choreography by programming interactive robots, animation, music, light and image in their dance space. They outfit their bodies and the environment with computational devices and sensors so that their bodies can generate the activity of the space. Central to this vision is the insistence that children should control the technology to serve their own imaginations. They should never be driven by it. They will come out of the experience with a deeper understanding of the three themes of the RoBallet experience: the arts as expression, technology as a means to serve expression and learning as"hard fun"- creative and enjoyable yet disciplined and purposeful.

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