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Objects with Attitude

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Hyun Lee

Objects with Attitude

State and existence of everyday objects result from inspiration, cause, and process. Objects embody life and character that reflect tradition, cultural belief, the psychology of an individual creator, and the use-pattern of subsequent owners. Once an object comes to exist, it remains in our everyday environment, accumulating additional cultural and social associations. Today, the object-person relationship generally lingers in a passive state on the part of both object and person. By taking an object-centric perspective on story, where the object's life is revealed by a reflection of genealogy, the history of social and cultural interaction, and utilitarian features of the object, we explore how an object can better capture, hold on to, and communicate its unique life-perspective through form and expression of attitude. How can it reflect, share, and reveal its stories? Through appropriate technological augmentation, we suggest means by which designers can enrich the narrative of provenance of everyday objects.

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