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News Challenge 101: Legal Issues to Consider

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Links to the Citizen Media Law Project's legal guide presented at Wednesday morning's "boot camp."

Getting your project off the ground

Protecting your good name

Forming a Business: It's never too early to plan for your success

Legal risks associated with newsgathering and publishing

Practical steps you can take to reduce your legal risks

Good journalistic practices = reduced legal risks

  • Strive for accuracy and check your facts
  • Cultivate reliable sources
  • Approach your work ethically
  • Seek permission or consent to use the work or images of others
  • Be willing to correct your mistakes
  • Educate yourself about journalism, media law and develop procedures for fact checking, rights clearance, newsgathering

Create Appropriate Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • Don't make promises you can't or don't intend to keep
  • Be clear about what information you collect and whether you will keep it private
  • Designate someone to receive notifications of copyright infringement under the DMCA

Insurance (You're a professional, so act like one)

Where to go for help