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Korean ConceptNet

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noelc4 Hyemin Chung, Jaewoo Chung, Ian Eslick, Wonsik Kim, Sung Hyon Myaeng, and Walter Bender

[ Multi-lingual (Korean) ConceptNet ]

What is Multi-lingual ConceptNet?

A ConceptNet in English is already established and working well. Now we are trying to expand it into other languages and cultures, and to connect them to make a network of ConceptNets.

This project is to make a network of ConceptNets with multi languages. For examples, we are making Korean ConceptNet of Korean common senses in Korean, which is fundamentally different from English. Through this project, we can see how to expand the ConceptNet into other languages and how to connect them. By connecting English and Korean ConceptNets, we are hoping not only to see cultural or linguistic differences, but also to solve more problems such as ambiguity of equivocal words, which were hard to solve with only one ConceptNet.

This project is a collaboration with Information and Communications University, Korea.

Current Status

The project is just launched and in its first phase. Thus, currently we are focusing on building a base of Korean ConceptNet by:

  • generating Korean Openmind/ConceptNet and
  • connecting Korean ConceptNet with English ConceptNet.

Although it is immature yet, we can see the potentiality of solving existing problems in auto translations such as equivocal words problems with a network of ConceptNets.

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