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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1992 15:49:46 -0500
From:! (Jonathan A. Sheena)
Subject: editor

Ok ... here's what we've got so far, plus a few questions/suggestions at the end:

There will exist a number of entities that the editor boiler-plate
will glue together.  Editor will do all the news retreival work for
the front end programs.  So Editor, given a user and which front end,
will return a set of articles.  These articles are then arranged and
organized by the Organizer.


	Betty:		actual news
	Doppelganger: 	User information
	Topic Lists divided (currently) into 3 parts:
		World topics (possibly subdivided into community topics)
		Personal topics: individual topic lists (per person) with
			private and public sections.
		Dynamic topics: topics that are upkept dynamically 
			and respond to "timeliness" type changes
			i.e. time of day, location of person,
			anything new going, etc... stuff that 
			wouldn't be covered by the other, more static.
			topic lists
		These lists obviously need to be upkept (by some third party)
	Front End:	e-paper, f-papaer, ps-paper, 9600 baud, etc.
			Each FE will need to have their own appropriateness
			filters that knows about the kind of news it wants.
	Editor:		checks with doppel on each topic, and submits 
			actual betty requests, sorting responses, and
			filtering through FE specific filters.~1
	Organizer:	Given actual articles, and proposed categories
			divides news up accordingly.
			<blount's thesis?>
	Accounts:	Bookkeeping info.  Includes (at least)
			betty id's articles read by each person, 
			and through what FE.
			(a BETTY EXPIRE script should trigger an 
			accounts expire script that tosses away obsolete ids 
			from the accounts.)


Editor reads topic
Submits topic for "yea" or "nay" to doppel
	wieghs interest and appropriateness
	given where, when, how, why ... of situation
for each "yea" performs actual betty request
filters returned article list through FE filter
	i.e. no just voice for "radio", no video for 
		e-paper. (easy filter)
sorts returned article list ~2
passes final articles and sections~3 to Oganizer~4
finished package is now ready for FE.

~1: does doppel need knowledge of the different fe's?
	Or, rather, the FE, does some setup of doppel
	giving it where when why how info that influences the
	"yea"s and "nay"s.
	I like this idea.
~2: what does betty return?  For sorting, obviously more than the
	article id is necessary. Sort on what? need heuristics for 
	determining importance.	
~3: where does sectioning come from? could come from topic divisions
	from original lists, then when getting topics from the lists, 
	editor needs to keep track of what section that topic belings 
~4: organizer is covered in blount's thesis? right now, just a 1:1