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Project Participants

In this section you will be asked:

  1. What people have worked on your project?
  2. What other organizations have been involved as partners?
  3. Have you had other collaborators or contacts?

Activities and Findings

This section will serve as your report to your program officer of your project's activities and findings.

  1. Describe the major research and education activities of the project.
  2. Describe the major findings resulting from these activities.
  3. Describe the opportunities for training and development provided by your project.

our grad students: Push, Hugo, Dustin, Bo, Ian, Heymin
our UROPs: Wonsik, Sean, others?

  1. Describe outreach activities your project has undertaken.

talks, BICA seminar, sponsor meetings, papers, software & databases, Henry's class, SoM

Tangible Results

  1. What have you published as a result of this work?
Journal publications
Books or other non-periodical, one-time publications
  1. What Web site or other Internet site have you created?
  2. What other specific products (databases, physical collections, educational aids, software, instruments, or the like) have you developed?


Now we invite you to explain ways in which your work, your findings, and specific products of your project are significant. Describe the unique contributions, major accomplishments, innovations and successes of your project relative to :

  1. the principal discipline(s) of the project;
  2. other disciplines of science or engineering;
  3. the development of human resources;
  4. the physical, institutional, or information resources that form the infrastructure for research and education; and
  5. other aspects of public welfare beyond science and engineering, such as commercial technology, the economy, cost-efficient environmental protection, or solutions to social problems.