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Community News for places with high levels of non-literacy

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Useful links

Video Volunteers: Trains rural communities on video reporting.

Kubatana: Developing the Freedom Fone to provide voice-based access to information.

Gram Vaani: Developing a multiplanar platform to enable coordinated information delivery over radio, cellphones, and cable TV networks.

Spoken Web: A project by IBM Research India to build a voice-equivalent of the World Wide Web.

Frontline SMS: A largescale text-messaging solution for NGOs and activists.

vLink: A low-cost method to provide asynchronous Internet connectivity in rural areas.

WiLDNet: High-bandwidth long-distance WiFi networks for Internet connectivity in remote areas.

Observatorio de Favelas: Improving access to information in Rio de Janeiro's favelas.

Offstream: Creating capacity and demand in Indonesia for documentary filmmaking.