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The CapableOfReceivingAction modifier gives an example of an action a subject may receive

Example: A slate is able to be drawn on by chalk

  CapableOfReceivingAction slate draw on by chalk

CapableOfReceivingAction person time want to meet CapableOfReceivingAction letter and word involve recognize CapableOfReceivingAction golf course locate in area CapableOfReceivingAction mess do to clean CapableOfReceivingAction harm inflict CapableOfReceivingAction anxiety reduce CapableOfReceivingAction kiss want to be CapableOfReceivingAction drug find CapableOfReceivingAction chest of drawer call dresser CapableOfReceivingAction apple not eat CapableOfReceivingAction bifurcation demonstrate CapableOfReceivingAction one nightly ritual close curtain CapableOfReceivingAction scene enter CapableOfReceivingAction computer program store CapableOfReceivingAction qwerty call CapableOfReceivingAction word goods use sum CapableOfReceivingAction affect person s health eat CapableOfReceivingAction slate draw on by chalk CapableOfReceivingAction person s computer enjoy CapableOfReceivingAction house live CapableOfReceivingAction blood circulation encourage CapableOfReceivingAction fountain find in courtyard CapableOfReceivingAction fly insect eat CapableOfReceivingAction flavor prefer CapableOfReceivingAction national monument proclaim by president for landmark structure and other object CapableOfReceivingAction vehicle encumber CapableOfReceivingAction weekend stay CapableOfReceivingAction dart throw towards target CapableOfReceivingAction cake eat at party CapableOfReceivingAction person ride horse in moutainous area with pine forest CapableOfReceivingAction donor ligament and tissue need CapableOfReceivingAction liver contain CapableOfReceivingAction barber comb keep in solution CapableOfReceivingAction person s lesson understand CapableOfReceivingAction hair product use in bathroom CapableOfReceivingAction car sell at car dealership CapableOfReceivingAction barbecue food serve in barbecue restaurant CapableOfReceivingAction friend attract CapableOfReceivingAction document preserve in gas CapableOfReceivingAction memory need to remember CapableOfReceivingAction pink ball rebound between two blue wall CapableOfReceivingAction picture in book call illustration CapableOfReceivingAction battle fight between two party CapableOfReceivingAction position of jupiter use in astrology CapableOfReceivingAction jan mayen locate at n w CapableOfReceivingAction telephone directory organise CapableOfReceivingAction neroli oil extract CapableOfReceivingAction outcome visualize CapableOfReceivingAction modern book print CapableOfReceivingAction color analyse CapableOfReceivingAction image store CapableOfReceivingAction credit card hold CapableOfReceivingAction child killer execute CapableOfReceivingAction reef explore CapableOfReceivingAction cat sleep mist of time CapableOfReceivingAction fish strangle CapableOfReceivingAction mask use as disguise CapableOfReceivingAction many normal occurrence make beautiful with little extra work CapableOfReceivingAction rubber duck use play CapableOfReceivingAction object person choose CapableOfReceivingAction soccer play in team CapableOfReceivingAction datum add CapableOfReceivingAction team involve CapableOfReceivingAction lisa s mother not marty CapableOfReceivingAction person face in direction CapableOfReceivingAction snow or water require CapableOfReceivingAction speed of wind express CapableOfReceivingAction photograph call shot CapableOfReceivingAction bureau find in office CapableOfReceivingAction suzie s parent marry CapableOfReceivingAction price negotiate CapableOfReceivingAction wood chip