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Tent State University

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Tent State University (TSU) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Current Events

Coming this April: Tent State University!

Tent State is a week long outdoor university shaped by students, workers and community members. TSU calls for equal access to education and it creates an example of what a university should be: a democratically controlled public space that brings together diverse groups to exchange ideas, art, and culture. TSU breaks with traditional forms of protest, allowing us to enact a positive vision of public higher education. Visit or for information about Tent States on other college campuses. For more information about Tent State UMass or to register to camp out, perform, teach a workshop, help with food, make t-shirts, produce literature or help coordinate logistics, send email to TentStateUMass at

Mission Statement


Fonded at Rutgers Univesity, Tenst State has grown into a nation-wide movement. Wiki

Organizing Committee

During the Fall of 2005 and 2006, a liquid body of students have organized a loose stucture for planning TSU. These Students have organized several areas which require sub committees:



Recruitment - Educators

Recruitment - Entertainment

Recruitment - Volunteers


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